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Turkey to India Overland

Turkey Iran Pakistan India
An Epic SUV Journey

One of the most fascinating overland journeys of the third millennium. Exclusive journey for exclusive people!


​You can join this or any other of our expeditions only for a few days (5, 7, 9) - provided there's an airport in the city where you'd like to join/leave us. Great choice for beautiful people with little time.

Arrival in Istanbul, Nevsehir or Erzurum.

Then Central Turkey, Kapadokya, volcanoes, Nemrut Dagi with its statues & Nemrut Dagi no2 - the Volcano at Lake Van. We may have tea on the biblical Tigris in Hasankeyf, see some of the many Armenian churches in the region, then enter Iran. In Turkey and Iran we stay in cool traditional hotels wherever possible! 

Two days in Iraqi Kurdistan are sometimes on our itinerary, as well.

Nobody else will take you to Kurdish villages in Western Iran that we are going to show you. A little bragging doesn't hurt, does it? Generally we do not advertise or name the villages we visit in Western Iran. And of course we visit Esfahan - half the world as they say there. Kalyans, carpets, squares, bridges, and the myth of ancient Persia. Then through Dasht-e-Kavir to Yazd - the chill-out capital of Iran, then the off-road desert fairy tale to qaluts - biblical rock formations in Dasht-e-Lut. In Bam we feast on the world’s best dates and trek through its plantations.

Baluchistan Province in Pakistan is next.

Important: Magical and totally off-the-beaten track Balochistan is a very special place these days.

For security reasons details of our travel through Baluchistan/Pakistan become available only when you make the booking.

In Quetta we usually have our SUV’s serviced & have tea in a beautiful & iconic 5-star institution. In Central Pakistan we visit mango plantations, the wonderfully located sufi mausoleum of Uch Sharif & one or two remote desert forts. Along the Indus we sail to Pakistan’s cultural capital Lahore, have dinner 200m above the city and enjoy mystical qawwali in a sufi shrine not far from the city.

New on our menu are the Hindu temples, forts and shrines in the countryside between Lahore and Islamabad. We spend 2-3 days in this beautiful area.

Then it’s the border closing ceremony on the Pakistan-India border, on the Pakistani side. Fun! Then it’s half an hour to Amritsar with its Hari Mandir - the Golden Temple: magical! We’ll be staying in a very pleasant guesthouse in Amritsar - with a swimming pool, a perfect English lawn and much more.

Our tour ends in Amritsar.

Optional after Amritsar - the Indian Subhimalayas in Himachal Pradesh: stunning vistas, remote villages, peaceful temples where pujas continue to happen like it were 1156 and not 2023.


In Pakistan we may hit the Karakoram Highway & visit spectacular North Pakistan. We're sure you'll like Khapulu, Baltistan, Hunza, Khunjerab Pass, Deosai Plateau, Kalasha Valleys.

Very likely itinerary for 2024:

-5 days in Turkey: Cappadoccia, Nemrut Dagi, Diyarbakir, Ishak Pasha, Lake Van.

-9-12 days in Iran: Orumiyeh - Palangan - Takht-e-Soleyman - Qazvin - Esfahan - Yazd - Qaloots - Bam

-8-12 days in Pakistan: Baluchistan - Sukkur - Uch Sharif - Lahore - Hindu temples & forts in the countryside between Lahore and Islamabad

-India's Amritsar & we end the journey there🙏🏻

From 6200€/person.

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