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Turkey Georgia Ingushetia Chechnya Dagestan Kalmykia Kazakhstan
Uzbekistan Tajikistan

An Epic Overland SUV Journey

​You can join this or any other of our expeditions only for a few days (5, 7, 9) - provided there's an airport in the city where you'd like to join/leave us. Great choice for beautiful people with little time😎.

Turkey: Amasya - Black Sea - Sumela - Yusufeli - Barhal - Ardahan

Georgia: Akhaltsikhe - Gori - Kazbegi

Ingushetia: Guli

Chechnya: Grozny

Dagestan: mountains on the Georgian border

Kalmykia: Buddhist wonderland

Russia: Astrakhan

Kazakhstan: Atyrau - Aktau & Caspian & Ustyurt National Park

Uzbekistan: Lake Aral - Nukus - Khiva - Bukhara - Samarkhand

Tajikistan: Dushanbe - Qalaikumb - Pamir Highway incl. Wakhan - Murghab - Karakul Lake - Chinese border

Kyrgyzstan: Osh


Option A: 29 days

4 days in Turkey

4 days in Russia

3 days in Kazakhstan

6 days in Uzbekistan: Nukus, Muynak & Aral Lake, Khiva.

10 days in Tajikistan

2 days in Kyrgyzstan

From 5900€/person.

Option B: 36 days

From 6900€/person.

Enjoy this epic journey in the company of people who will show you the hidden jewels in the Central Asia crown. No mass tourism, pure adventure; adventure with style however.

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