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Read before booking Exclusive Journeys with Unbelievable Potential!


We support small local businesses and entrepreneurs who are happy to travel with only one client. Or four to five which is usually the case. They are carefully selected travel agents, hotels, guesthouses and home-stays from the Sahara to the Himalayas, from Mauritania to Pakistan & India.

OverlandDreaming is a unique and efficient blend of West & East: western expeditionistas who understand the needs & expectations of our customers from everywhere and then there’s the devoted team of our African, Middle-Eastern & Asian partners who take care of all the local peculiarities.


You are going to see at least what's described on the pages of this website or in a private email sent only to you . Most of our Mystical Oriental Power-spots ©, however, are hidden jewels found on our expeditions in the last 20 years. An arrival of a larger group of foreigners can prove too much for a small off-the-beaten track village; that's why we neither advertise nor publish all the names of villages and valleys we visit. Cherish it while it lasts.


Prices usually include “everything” but airfares - because you beautiful people fly in/out from different corners of the world:

- local food/drinks

  1. -accommodation in cozy little family-owned hotels guesthouses, campgrounds - sometimes they can be exclusive establishments in remote locations, sometimes lodging may be a little feeble.

  2. -ground transport in sturdy, comfortable Japan-made SUV’s.

  3. -sometimes also visas and/or international travel health insurance

  4. -brilliant organization & logistics


We still need to hear from you before you make your booking. What kind of a person are you? Single/double occupancy, special diet, better hotel room perhaps? In bigger cities 5-star accommodation may be available. We’ll be happy to book it for you.


Our SUV expeditions can be unpredictable - there are earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, riots, civil wars, borders get closed, a coup d’etat changes everything overnight. Consequentially our itineraries can change. This means we spend an extra hour or even a day or two somewhere in the middle of beautiful nowhere. There are never any refunds if the unpredicted happens and we need to change the itinerary. If all this is something you cannot understand, then our journeys are probably not your cup of tea.


We expect patience from our fellow travelers. 


And yet again: we promise a unique experience.


Legal notice: the companies behind our operations are different travel agencies from South Asia & West Africa. The founders of OverlandDreaming and many of our tour guides & drivers however are of European descent.

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