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Iran Turkmenistan Uzbekistan

An Epic Overland SUV Journey

Again on our menu in 2024

Unique. And maybe even more than that! The unknown Iran. The bizarre psyche of Turkmenistan. The ships on the Uzbek sands of the dry Aral Sea.

Details available when we start the booking process. But before you make any payments.

​You can join this or any other of our expeditions only for a few days (5, 7, 9) - provided there's an airport in the city where you'd like to join/leave us. Great choice for beautiful people with little time😎. Or.... why not visit only one country? Iran for example will blow your mind away.

Hey, hey & hey. Expect the bizarre, expect the unexpected, see the enigmatic Turkmenistan, be sad when you see the photogenic ships in the dry Aral Sea.


Days 1-2: Tehran - Gonbad-eQabus -Mashad

Days 3-5: Torbat-e-Jam

Day 6: Khalid Nabi

Days 7-8: Ashgabat

Day 9: Darvaza

Day 10: Konye Urgench - border - Nukus

Day 11: Aral Sea

Days 12-14: desert forts - Khiva

Days 15-16: Bukhara

Days 17-19: Samarkhand & vicinity.

From 5500€/person for 19 days. "Everything" (but airfares) included.

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