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An Epic Overland SUV Journey


In 2022 & 2023 our Trans-Sahara West Africa Expedition will take us to Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea & Ivory Coast

Arrival in Casablanca, Morocco, then scenic drive to Sidi Ifni and on through enigmatic Western Sahara to Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana.

You can join this or any other of our expeditions only for a few days (5, 7, 9) - provided there's an airport in the city where you'd like to join/leave us. Great choice for beautiful people with little time😎.

Western Sahara: endless cliffs, thermal oases, deserted beaches, a lot of wind and wide open space.

Mauritania: Atar, UNESCO’s Chinguetti and above all the cool oasis of Terjit and the surroundings. Nice architecture, refreshing gueltas, palm trees and a Saharan swim. Also in Mauritania: West Africa’s most colorful  fish market, on the beach about 10 km from Nouakchott; we also smoke a Tunisian water-pipe and enjoy the world’s most stunning beach drive 100 km north of Nouakchott. This is where the Atlantic and the Sahara meet. Gorgeous!

Then 3-4 days through the Southern Mauritanian Saharan “organic” countryside to Mauri-Mali border.

Mali: vibrant musical Bamako. Mali’s regular tourist attractions such as Segou, Dogon, Djenne depend on the political situation when we arrive in Mali.

Burkina Faso: Banfora, Sindou, wonderfully artistic Bobo Dioulasso with its very scenic countryside and its exotic villages. We explore the weird rock formations nearby and enjoy the Bobo musical scene.

Ghana: Khamile border, then Wa and its hippos. Mole National Park is one of the best in West Africa. Then Kumasi with its fantastic market. Oh yeah... and then we hit the ocean at Busua.

Guinea: Fantastic hiking on the Fouta Jaloun Plateau. And then the Trans-Guinea road to Nzerekore via Kissidougou and Macenta.

Ivory Coast: Forgotten North of the country, bizarre Yamassoukro's Cathedral, cool beaches near Abidjan.

Price: from 5900€/person for 21 days