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Trans-Sahara Overland

Morocco Western Sahara Algeria Mauritania Senegal Guinea Ivory Coast
An Epic Overland SUV Journey

Our Trans-Sahara West Africa Expedition will take us to Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea & Ivory Coast

Arrival in Casablanca, Morocco, then scenic drive to Sidi Ifni and on through enigmatic Western Sahara to Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea & Ivory Coast.

You can join this or any other of our expeditions only for a few days (5, 7, 9) - provided there's an airport in the city where you'd like to join/leave us. Great choice for beautiful people with little time😎.

Western Sahara: endless cliffs, thermal oases, deserted beaches, a lot of wind and wide open space.

Mauritania: Atar, UNESCO’s Chinguetti and above all the cool oasis of Terjit and the surroundings. Nice architecture, refreshing gueltas, palm trees and a Saharan swim. Also in Mauritania: West Africa’s most colorful  fish market, on the beach about 10 km from Nouakchott; we also smoke a Tunisian water-pipe and enjoy the world’s most stunning beach drive 100 km north of Nouakchott. This is where the Atlantic and the Sahara meet. Gorgeous!

Then 2-3 days through rural Senegal to Guinea.

Guinea: Fantastic hiking on the Fouta Jaloun Plateau. And then the ultra dramatic Trans-Guinea road to Nzerekore via Kissidougou and Macenta. Pure West Africa, Africa at its finest & roughest.

Ivory Coast: Forgotten North of the country, bizarre Yamassoukro's Cathedral, cool beaches near Abidjan.

Price: from 5900€/person for 21 days

For the time being we no longer travel to Mali & Burkina Faso.

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