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Dusko M DuSwami's OverlandDreaming has been specializing in creating tailor made adventures for a wide variety of private groups and families for over 20 years. Over this time, we have specialized in taking many small private groups and families to destinations all round the world.  With all this experience under our belt, we’re well suited to develop an itinerary perfectly suited to the needs of your private group. We are experienced and regularly travel on our journeys so we can pass on tips and first hand knowledge gained in the field.

Private group travel is based on you forming your own group of friends, family or club members and embarking on a specialized adventure holiday, where you’ve chosen the destination, date of departure and the itinerary.  We will liaise closely with you to work out the best itinerary visiting all the places you wish plus advise on the best time to depart, the duration of your trip and what you’ll need to take with you.

Whether the basis of your trip is cultural, educational, or you just want to have fun – we can design the perfect itinerary and take care of all the details.

There are many benefits of private group travel.  Though probably the benefit you’ll love the most is whilst you get the holiday of a life time, you don’t need to worry about organizing it all, as that’s our job.   And it’s a job we do well.

These holidays do and do not feature on our website, however the only people on the trip are those within your group.  You choose the style of travel, the class of accommodation and the inclusions so the journey perfectly suits you and your group.  Plus it’s totally up to your group to determine when and where you wish to travel, offering you greater flexibility and independence.

Also as you’ll be traveling as a group, you can rest assured we’ll secure a great price which will be cheaper if your group did the same itinerary without our assistance.  Traveling with us also means we can take you safely to remote places and get you off the beaten track giving you a greater experience of the destination than a regular tourist. 


Also relevant: members of the Executive Board are photographers and we can always advise you in the photographic department. However, should you wish to take part in a specialized photographic expedition, let us know - they take place at least once a year.

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