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Written in 2021: "Be there. Be in a political vacuum. On a different planet. Magic. It won't last."
The island has now changed dramatically. Socotra now is a regular tourist destination. It, however, remains wonderful and beautiful.


Unlike anywhere on Earth. Socotra has to be seen to be believed.

Socotra has a total population of around 70000 people who speak their own native Socotri language.

Apart from the main town of Hadibo, little infrastructure exists on the island. The island is so remote that one third of its plant life can only be found there. Socotra is a remarkable place for camping , walking , hiking , wildlife spotting & cultural immersion. It's for anyone who wants to experience a natural world like no other!

Pre-day: Arrival in Abu Dhabi

Days 1-7 :- Flight to Socotra & Socotra🌸☀️

Arrival at Socotra airport. You'll be greeted by our local Socotri team who will accompany you during the trip.

Then you are going to see what needs to be seen and visited in the next seven days:

- Dihamri marine protected area with its and snorkeling

- Kelesehan canyon with an amazing natural swimming pool and cascades.

- absolutely stunning Arher beach and its giant sand dunes

- hike to Hoq cave (4 hours return) with its stalactites, stalagmites, underground pools and ancient writings

- Ras Erisal - the meeting point of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean

- Homhil Natural Botanical Garden and an amazing natural infinity swimming pool with views over the whole Northern part of the island. The park is  famous for its Dragon blood trees, frankincense trees & the cucumber plants.

- Qalansyia, the second largest town on Socotra

- Detwah Lagoon famous for its sandy beach, spectacular landscapes, sea crates, turtles, massive octopi, balloon fish, stingray, sea shells, fish, calamari etc.

- Russian tanks from the 1980's

- boat trip to pristine beach of Shoub. We may see dolphins, sea birds and stunning rock formations.

- Diksam Plateau: wonderful dragon blood tree forest & Shebahon Canyon

- Degub cave on the South coast at Nuged

- Hayf and Zahak big sand dunes

Day 9: flight from Socotra to Abu Dhabi

Price for regular tours with our local partners:

2650€/person - 2 people minimum


Included services:

- return flight to Socotra from Abu Dhabi

- Local support team
- All (4x4) transport in Socotra

- All sightseeing
- All food (full board B,L,D ) with sufficient bottled water
- All permits and permissions required
- Visa support documents, visa fees and processing
- Local speaking guide (for groups of 5 or more persons European OverlandDreaming guide)
- Accommodation throughout in tents, once or twice maybe in a 1* hotel in Hadibo
- Camping gear

- Boat Trip to Shoub (dolphins)



Photographic tours

4500€/person - up to 5 people in 2 or 3 SUV's. This is a private photographic tour with award-winning photographer Matjaz Krivic (

Important practical info

  • Shoes or trekking sandals suitable for walking on stones.

  • Comfortable clothes made of functional materials that absorb the humidity and dry quickly. Perhaps you will want to change a T-shirt more often than you think

  • Jumper, light jacker when we camp overnight in the mountains.

  • Maybe your own equipment for snorkeling and a spare T-shirt to avoid sunburns on your back while swimming.

  • For women who want to bathe, instead of bikini, bring a baggy t-shirt and a pair of leggings. It is not compulsory but you will feel better...

  • Thin sleeping bag

  • Mosquitoe repellent

  • Wet wipes or similar tissues for personal hygiene when water is not available.

  • Headlamp - very handy when camping visiting caves

  • Even when behind clouds the sun is strong and you will need a hat and sunblock.

  • Bring enough cash since ATM and credit cards are not reliable.

  • Ask permission before taking pictures of people, especially photographing women is a sensitive issue.

  • To respect the local culture, and be aware that it is illegal to remove any life material from Socotra such as plants, seeds, insects and so on.

Power supply:

The electrical system encountered on Socotra and in Yemen is the so-called “British” type G, with 3 rectangular pins. Do not forget to bring the corresponding adapters to plug your devices.

Electricity is only available in Hadiboh. We strongly recommend you bring a car charger you can plug into the cigarette lighter.

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