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Journeys designed by Dusko M DuSwami

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One and a half years of dreaming

Algeria, Morocco, Andalucia, Venezia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Western Indian Himalaya

208 pages on 170g paper, 200 photographs & oriental symbols, 32x22.5cm

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The fundamental journey of one family, one vehicle, one dreaming

photography, design and words


Dusko M Du Swami

The Photography Book

FFrom the Sahara, the sea without water, to the Himalayas, the mountains of gods, one family, one vehicle, one dreaming. A hell of a job even for the hardiest, most committed soloists, fundamental individualists, orthodox egoists. If this was dreaming only for the child’s parents, what was it for the four to seven year old Inan. I sincerely hope, actually I have to believe it, regardless of how this might sound, that this was an interculturology course for child(ren). Inan’s, and absolutely also Jacqueline’s and mine, ally on the entire journey and in almost every moment was urban man’s greatest possible luxury: time. It managed to change half-an-hour stops into two-day stops, two-day stays into two-week stays. Most often it happened when Inan transformed the child’s burden of a culture shock into the most basic, careless child’s play, disburdened and exonerated from the barriers of race, religion and communication. That was and is one of the greatest achievments of (Inan’s) childhood and our journey, the spontaneous interaction of children, fortunately also of parents, between the Sahara, Europe and the Himalaya, intuitively free of caste shackles.

Inan has taken his parents literally and otherwise to destinations which did not exist before or existed only as an illusion of the expected and secretly anticipated. The secret anticipations, the illusive illusions have now turned into authentic and genuine cross-cultural superreligious family meetings where trust is the name of the new game and participants all over the world seem to enjoy it.

Traveling overland from the Sahara to the Himalaya by car (via Gibraltar) took about a year and a half in three stages. The journey undoubtedly brought us closer, in a very unique way even sealed us forever together, but there were also, as you might imagine, those precious little moments of divine happiness when and where we wanted the passage to paradise to never materialize. However, the little special moments, which momentarily led to dangerously low spirits on our flying carpet, later simply had to vanish in thin air, sometimes indeed at a higher or lower price; however, in the end we were stronger than ever.

The Sahara Himalaya overland dreaming was no picnic; it was not a piece of cake, it was so much more than the whole gorgeous cake: sweetish and sweet with the candles burning without even thinking of ceasing. Welcome to our dream.

The fundamental journey through space & time. Take-off in Assekrem (Sahara),landing in Spiti (Himalaya) at the altitude of 4500m.

CIP - Katalozni zapis o publikaciji; Narodna in univerzitetna knjiznica, Ljubljana 821.163.6-992; 908(235.243+661.1); Du Swami, Dusko M: Sahara - Himalaya : the fundamental journey of one family, one vehicle, one dreaming = die fundamentale Reise einer Familie, eines Wagens, eines Traeumens = prvobitna pot ene druzine, enega voza, enega sanjanja / [besedilo, vse fotografije, prevodi] Dusko M Du Swami. - Ljubljana : Ramayana, 2001

ISBN 961-6403-72-9; 114225408